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This is the help file for several areas of Frank's files but, undoubtedly it'll be of most help with flying-related websites. It can be read top to bottom, but its sections are linked into the various screens to answer questions as they arise.


The above shot was taken while I was stuck in Camarillo, trying to get my exhaust pipe welded. The EAA down there was as hospitable as any group I've ever even heard about!

GOES animation setup

The referenced GOES satellite imagery is shown on interactive web pages, meaning you have to define exactly how you want to view an area. I suggest the following:

Deep Stall

Condition where the big wing of the Long-EZ (also) stalls. It's difficult to get out of this state. It's caused by the CG being too far aft.

Pilot Weather Briefing

For each different weather zone, enter city names or zips at the bottom. For each likely landing site, do the same. Look at forecast and 2 day history.

Mi Seester

Yes, the following is a pic of my sister. No, she doesn't fly in anything which doesn't have bathrooms, flight attendants etc.

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